Quiz Ticket refunds

There is still unclaimed £56.00 from seven tickets purchased  from Griffiths Garage for the quiz that was due to be held on March 28th but was cancelled due to the first lockdown. If you wish to be reimbursed the cost  of your ticket  please contact the treasurer at  

All remaining monies unclaimed by December 31st will be donated to a local good cause that will be notified on this site.

December First Saturday and Frost Fair

The Leintwardine Centre committee has made the decision to cancel these two events in the interests of public health, especially in the run-up to Christmas, with Herefordshire now designated as a Tier 2 area with regard to Covid-19. We hope to resume as soon as it is safe to do so.

Covid-19 information for all hirers

We draw the attention of all regular hirers to a letter emphasising the current situation and regulations regarding Covid-19 and also a Special Conditions of Hiring Covid-19 2020 information sheet. They both spell out once more the procedures everyone should be following in the Leintwardine Centre.

Important Notice re Electoral Roll checking (Annual Canvass)

The process of checking everyone’s electoral roll details – the annual canvass –has now started. It is all much as before with one major exception. It is now possible by law to use electronic communication (emails and texts) where these are held. Prior to this it all had to be done on paper. Read the document that contains the rationale for this (primarily to save time and money).