Office Rental

Business woman working at home

Do you work from home?
If so, do you:

a) have your own dedicated cubby hole/office/shed or
b) fight for space on the kitchen table with the newspaper/sugar bowl/ sauce bottles/cat?

If your answer is b), you might be interested to know that you can rent a desk or even an office at the Leintwardine Centre. The charge is per calendar month for an office, including desk, or for a desk in the Greenwood Room, a shared office accommodating up to 3 people. The Greenwood Room can also be rented for sole use. All tenancies are for a minimum of 6 months.

We will provide a desk, chair, and wi-fi internet access. Some offices contain lockable drawers. You provide the computer and any additional hardware and consumables, such as a printer, ink cartridges and paper.

There are currently no rooms available to let. Please contact the Centre Treasurer if you want to be put on a waiting list.