Here we go again

Hello all,

Once again, I find myself carrying out assorted secretarial duties, following the departure of Carole Surman to Devon. At the time of writing, no replacement has been found for her- which brings me to the main reason for this screed.

It’s become something of a recurrent theme that we are in need of fresh ideas to keep the  Committee functioning and hence, the Leintwardine Centre operational. Things are particularly dire at the moment, however, as we are also short of a full-time chairperson. The valiant Mr. Vallis, who has been acting chair for longer than anyone can remember (thanks Harvey, what you did was above and beyond the call of duty!), has decided to step down and Emma Gorbutt has kindly agreed to take charge of the meetings for a few months. After that…..

What’s the worst-case scenario? That the Committee can no longer function and the management of the centre reverts to the Parish Council, who already have more than enough on their plate. This isn’t the Leintwardine Centre version of “Project Fear” – it’s a fact.

If you want to play a part in the running of the centre, as a Committee member or as one of the officers, please contact for more details

Terry Clough

PS: Rob Cock has stepped down from the Committee after 5 years, many of which he spent as our treasurer. We all appreciated his professionalism and the quality of his reports, especially his powerpoint presentations at the AGMs. They were so good, we were thinking of selling tickets. We did have one worrying moment, though, when the fireworks display set fire to the curtains…

Seriously though, thanks Rob, not least for agreeing to oversee the primary school project (see previous posts and minutes of Committee meetings)