New year, new website

First of all, a belated happy New year to all our readers!

Welcome to the new Leintwardine Centre website which we hope is an improvement over the last one. Apart from a general update of all the pages and an improved layout, the biggest change is that details of our coming events will now be displayed on our Facebook page. Before we go any further, a big thank you to Stacie Jones of SJ Consultancy for all the work she put in getting this site up and running. Without her support, it wouldn’t have got going anywhere near as fast!

As you can see from the Events list, there’s quite a bit planned for the first half of the year, and other events may well be added as we go along. In particular, Flicks In The Sticks has been revived and will feature more regularly in our programme.

One new cob ovenfeature that we’ve added to the facilities is the cob oven in the rear courtyard. It’s great for pizzas and such but as it has to be operated by someone who knows what they’re doing, we can’t allow people renting the hall to use it on their own. If you’re interested, give Karen a ring on 01547 540 777.




On the admin front, Richard Sudworth stood down as chairman of our Committee at the end of the year and his place has been taken by Harvey Vallis. Harvey has agreed to do the job for a limited time only so we will be looking for a new chairman sometime this year. If you think you have herd catsthe requisite skills, such as being able to herd cats, get in touch. You can even come to our monthly meeting as an observer if you wish – contact me at

Richard will stay on as a member of the Committee for the time being. Our two (fairly) new members are Naomi Vera-Sanso, who will represent the Leintwardine Group Parish Council, and Jonathan Catling, who will be helping to manage this website as soon as it’s fully operational. Karen Foote is now in charge of bookings, as well as being the liaison with the Leintwardine youth Group.

It’s very important to us to get your feedback, whether you use the Centre regularly or have just stumbled across this website. Can we improve on the website? Do you want more information? More pictures? And what about the Centre? What events would you like to see? We on the committee are always open to new ideas. Our sole aim is to make sure the Centre is used as much as possible so that we have the funds not only to keep it open but also to improve the equipment on offer.

Keep coming back!

Terry Clough